Morning Walk

Pair of butterflies

It’s been a month since my last walk

and it’s time to get back into it.

So unusual to feel the sun’s heat in my back,

this early in the day.


Perhaps I should have worn sunscreen

like the office girl I just passed –

the warm, beachy smell incongruous

with her pinstriped suit, and joggers.


A babble of Farsi, ending with jubilant laughter,

gushes out of a taxi’s window,

the driver’s eyes alight, above his dazzling grin –

shared with me by his gentle nod.


A butterfly dances in front of me

soon joined by his mate – seeming to kiss

then part, in joyful random flight

before settling on a rose in full bloom.


Raucous giggles and squeals pull my gaze

to three little girls, separating to avoid

their classmate’s outstretched tagging hand

and make me smile at my own memories.


It dawns on me that the gloom

that has plagued all winter has lifted,

when I realise that I forgot to notice

the Funeral Home today.