stestoskop heart curve


Suddenly, we are all sucked

into the vortex of hospitals

and serious illness.


Suddenly, life implodes

amid a background noise

of machines that beep.


Suddenly, this man

that I love and live

is broken, too suddenly.


Suddenly, family is

torn apart by fearful and

unfair recriminations.


Suddenly, our children

try desperately to reapply

the cotton wool wrapping


That has been ripped

from their existence,

too, too suddenly.


Suddenly, we have a

long, slow process

of recovery. Hopefully.


Suddenly, love

just isn’t enough.

9 thoughts on “Suddenly..

  1. oh i’m sorry to hear this… it’s tough when illness strikes… a friend of mine was diagnosed with breastcancer a bit ago – and within a few minutes the world seems to break apart…. wishing him a good and fast time of recovery and you and your fam much strength…

    • oh, Claudia.. thank you for your kind thoughts & wishes. It’s been an unrelenting 8 weeks of fear now, & it’s an ongoing nightmare I could never imagine.. Our OneVoice poem was a blissful escape this week, & I thank you for your lovely comments about it. Small miracles keep us going. xV.xxxxxxxxxx

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