Second Eden

Our May collaborative poem. An honour to work with @brudberg @stair71 @troublegummer @sleepingdingo & @myvogonpoetry.

The voice of collaborative poetry


To live, to walk these streets we walked before
Where cobblestones sing eulogies for us
My soles are burning with its quenched desire
Of walking barefoot on a forest path again

Recalling our run from the rock pool, naked
slipping on moist leaves in dappled sunlight.
Giggling as I stole your towel; and your shivers –
an invitation to warm you in young love, ages old.

The dew upon the fronds it lingers yet
Where once we lay and loved, so innocent.
Beside the lake, beneath the moonlit trees,
We found a second Eden, ours to lose.

Memories of warmer dawns and golden days,
Lazy evenings and awaiting our faces to be lit pale
Lost in moments and moments now lost
Yet when my eyes are closed and I hold you in my arms…

You are there again, soul to soul with me.
But on waking, I see it is…

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12 thoughts on “Second Eden

    • aww, thank you! Yes, it’s the most wonderful way to write.. this one, Bjorn started it in Sweden, then it came to me, in Australia. I sent it on to Oxford, UK, then it went to Ireland, then Sydney, then it finished up in New York. It’s an exciting process, so I’m really glad people enjoy the results. Feedback like you’ve given keeps us going, so thank you. – Vivienne.

    • Thank you, Sabra (gosh, I love your name!). And thank you for your earlier comment, too. It’s quite pretty, this one, in my opinion. Was so uplifting to see it unfold stanza by stanza. And the pic is perfect, yes. xVivienne.

  1. What a wonderful collaboration! Nice to read the poem that has had such such international roots, one which spans a number of continents. Thanks for the visit to my blog as well.

    • Thank you, Mary. It is lovely to be part of. And yes, I loved your poem, too. I try to get to lots of poems each OpenLinkNight, but often fail… Thank you for tending bar this week, too – I loved your school reminiscences. Good job!

  2. I read this earlier and am amazed by the outcome ~ Such a lovely canvas of all your words ~ Thanks for your visits around the community ~ Much appreciated ~

  3. Wow..i loved this poem so much..and until now did not realize it was a collaborative i haven’t made it yet to this link to view it…

    In my way of writing the words of almost everyone in the world inspire me..

    For me poetry is always collaborative..whether specified or not..:)

    But again.. a beautiful collaborative effort..that spells of sacred first love to be always remembered to me…for anyone who experiences..TRUE love…

  4. I enjoyed your collaborative poem, Viv. I am sure you all enjoy being part of it. I am amazed that one can never tell six people took part. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting.

    • Hey Gabriella, thank you – yes, it really is a lovely thing to be a part of each month, and I’m so glad you can’t detect the different voices. It’s what we aim for, but never sure if it works. Your poem was lovely, & it was a real pleasure for me to have time to visit & enjoy it this month. I do try, but don’t always manage it. xV.

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