Second Eden

Our May collaborative poem. An honour to work with @brudberg @stair71 @troublegummer @sleepingdingo & @myvogonpoetry.

The voice of collaborative poetry


To live, to walk these streets we walked before
Where cobblestones sing eulogies for us
My soles are burning with its quenched desire
Of walking barefoot on a forest path again

Recalling our run from the rock pool, naked
slipping on moist leaves in dappled sunlight.
Giggling as I stole your towel; and your shivers –
an invitation to warm you in young love, ages old.

The dew upon the fronds it lingers yet
Where once we lay and loved, so innocent.
Beside the lake, beneath the moonlit trees,
We found a second Eden, ours to lose.

Memories of warmer dawns and golden days,
Lazy evenings and awaiting our faces to be lit pale
Lost in moments and moments now lost
Yet when my eyes are closed and I hold you in my arms…

You are there again, soul to soul with me.
But on waking, I see it is…

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