Our latest Collaborative Poem. My monthly treat, to work with @brudberg @troublegummer @sleepingdingo @myvogonpoetry @permabloom @stair71 in creating what we hope are poems that move people, & open up the concept of collaboration to others.

The voice of collaborative poetry

Artwork by Jorge Berlato Artwork by Jorge Berlato

Alone tonight, and the first time he’s cooked for her,
She likes how his deft fingers chop, stir and mould.
Then a firm poke of the meat before hefting it
whole in his hand, feeling the texture and weight.

Her voice like honeyed butterflies, it flutters dreamily
while the stardust candlelights reflect in crystal orbs
anticipate the tingling from his fingertips again
to read the braille of love imprinted on her skin

A breath by the ear and inhaling her scent
arms slide and entwine, fingers lock like vines
They grip, they squeeze, hold, taste and then… wait
As a button is loosened and a knot is undone…

Somehow she’s always known this embrace,
She laughs, shaking off her time alone.
Dreary years vanish as they clasp and kiss.
Time spreads ahead; it’s not a race.

Measured movements synchronize to
the sounds of a languid trumpet…

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6 thoughts on “Duet

    • Yes, that was Bjorn’s stanza. He writes so beautifully. Thank you – I saw your comment earlier, & appreciate the time you’ve taken to make this one, too. xVivienne.

  1. Oh, I loved this the first time I read it and love it even more this time around. That first stanza is so sensual. I can see the poked meat and hear the flop in his hand. I’ve never written with another as you’ve done here. Great poem.

    • aww, thank you, Sabra. That means a lot. Yes, I was trying for some erotica in that stanza, so I’m glad it worked for you. And I was lucky the others picked up on it, & went with it, too. In this process, you just have to put your words up, & trust the others to build on them. The poems are a journey amongst us, so you never know what the end product will be. It’s very, very enriching to trust like this. xVivienne.

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