Neee-eu  Neee-eu  Neee-eu!

This sound – What does it do?

Seeing his blue stillness

her own heartbeat, thumping,

is all she can feel.

And the screams ricocheting in her head

only come out as soft whimpers.

Help arrives in a wail of sirens.

Weeee-oh  Weeee-oh  Weeee-oh

Is it only for show?

She focuses on his neat haircut

His circumlocution a droning blanket

of naive comfort she can hide in.

But “identify” and “morgue”

penetrate the whooshing in her ears

like a cold slap in the face.

Bleeee-der  Bleeee-der  Bleeee-der

Is this the domain of the newsreader?

The smarmy look is gone from his visage.

No longer pumped with force,

the greasy fluid oozes from his guts

onto the floor. Even now,

she’s still cleaning up after him.

Let them bring their own mops.

Eeee-oww  Eeee-oww  Eeee-oww

Why can’t they help me now?

The pain comes in waves.

Through silent sobs, she hears his words

“if you tell anyone our secret,

they’ll take your dollies away”

She knows this is the truth –

Daddy is a policeman.

Woo-woo-woo  Woo-woo-woo


41 thoughts on “Pulsations

  1. Sirens setting off scary thoughts and memories?
    The onomatopoeia worked. I can barely spell the word, let alone use the concept in a poem.

    • Thank you, Brian. Just as yours gave me a feeling of warmth, I was aiming to provoke a visceral reaction in my readers. So, thank you for letting me know it worked a little.

  2. What a dark, dangerous, thrilling tale. You built it carefully and delivered a knockout punch in the end. Too many time, those who live by the sword die by it, and the violence here goes a lot further than the moment. Stellar. – Brendan

  3. My father was in law enforcement for over forty years..kidnapped chairs broken over back opposing 400LB criminals and all of that..

    But he seemed invincible and I guess he was..as he was never scratched..with never a sign of fear about anything..

    I suppose that is where fantasy ends and reality begins..in the ER.. among the darker realities..that can and are life….

    Among those whose number did finally come up before retirement came…to save the day for a hero’s life for golden age….

    • Wow, Katie. Thank you for that.. Very powerful stuff..I’m sorry for your loss, but I’m also grateful that you noticed the police in this poem. Thank you for taking the time to read it so well. That is such a compliment. x.Vivienne.

      • Your welcome Vivienne..just to clarify..my father is fine..still fearless of heart surgery and or death..but your words imagined me a different scenario..that so many other heroes fall to…

  4. The provocative end leaves a dimension to the poem which is very nice. The reader ends up caught in prejudices. And those sound leaves the reader wondering. What are they? And she sounds adult? You force the reader to create a story by the mere use of statements. Nice.

    • Yes, it is. Thank you. I love the photos on your site – your studio is amazing, & it looks like you design fabric? Or is it wallpaper? It was lovely to just dream about such a perfect space to be creative in. You’re so lucky. x.Vivienne.

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